Do You Trust Your Stylist?

It is no secret that  there is an abundance of how to videos when it comes to the beauty industry. But how do you know if the information can be trusted?

My best advice is research. When you are looking for a hairstylist to maintain your hair you must do your research and ask questions. 

The best way to build trust between the hairstylist and clients is open communication. I take the time to learn what my clients needs and desires are relating to their service. This process starts at the consultation and continues throughout the professional relationship.

Some of you all are in "situationships" with your beauty service provider. Just like those other "situationships" you are left with limited information and attention, your time isn't valued and your needs are not met. Whew chile! That's a whole mess. 

If  your hair stylist isn't forthcoming with information you should be asking questions about the health/condition of your hair. Talk to them about the products that you are using for home maintenance and if they have any recommendations. These questions should open the door to building trust based on how knowledgeable their responses are. 

If you have been with a particular hairstylist for a long period of time and are not seeing improvements it may be time to seek a more knowledgeable and trustworthy beauty pro.